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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

The context of excusing Saddam's actions because he's evil but not Bush.
Nobody has "excused Saddam" in this thread. If you believe that anyone has "excused Saddam", then your comprehension is poor.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

I never heard the actual quote. I know about weapons of mass destruction, which I think everyone knows by now is false. You have a link?
I'll field this.

The White House Press Archive.

Paragraph 24, Line 02.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

Luke Force Chokes a Gammorean, he must be a Sith.

Really, there's no question the invasion was wrong. What Saddam did was many times worse and yet people are saying 'oh he shouldn't be put to death, he shouldn't hang' even if they appear to have fantasies of Bush being in Saddam's shoes.
"What Saddam did was many times worse"? Worse than what? Worse than what? Illegally invading two other countries, causing countless deaths and unmeasurable suffering, imprisoning people from other nations without charge indefinitely? Using torture to try to loosen their tongues? Worse than that? Pfah.

What is this Luke Skywalker analogy you're putting forward here? Are you suggesting that the US government's acts of international aggression are in some way "a one time occurrance"? "A freak incident"? If so, you're wrong. The US has since the second world war been responsible for funding and directly committing some of the greatest military atrocities on record. The invasion of Iraq wasn't a "new thing", nor an isolated case.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

Does George W. Bush junior have gas chambers and death camps? I ask because by the way you talk you make him out to be more evil than Saddam could ever be.
Saddam didn't have gas chambers, Nancy. Can you absorb that? Saddam was an evil, brutal dictator, he wasn't Hitler.

And you're once again forgetting that the US and the UK funded, politically supported and armed Saddam. ALL his atrocities. ALL of them, WE SHARE RESPONSIBILITY FOR. He's not just "some evil guy over there in foreign-land". We helped him to do the things he did. US actions helped him to keep control in Iraq right up until 2003.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

Evidence of this being Bush's doing and the innocence of people subjected to any punishment play a huge part. If Bush had been rounding up innocent Muslims to be killed or tortured then he sould be subject to the same trial Saddam was and if found guilty the same punishment.
Well the US certainly did have innocent muslims rounded up and tortured. And some of them are still in Guantanamo. And half a million Iraqi civilians dying as a result of the US invasion... doesn't strike you as incompatible with a world-view in which Georgie is a good guy compared to evil old foreign moustache-growin' Saddam?

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

The torture that took place at Abu Gharib and the claims of torture at Guatanamo are inexcuseable, but these are POW camps, not what the Nazis subjected the Jews to. In fact with Guatanamo conditions according to a recent news article are quite good.
They're not "POW camps", because the prisoners there aren't even given the rights of POWs. The US government quite specifically doesn't classify the men held in places like Guantanamo as "prisoners of war". If they did, they'd have to afford them some rights. Guantanamo could legitimately be called a concentration camp, but it's not a POW camp.

And please note, the site "" you've linked to six times isn't a news site, it's the blog of a rabid right-wing nutcase. And the Sun Times article was an editorial piece by a columnist, not an independent review of Guantanamo by an organisation like the Red Cross.

But as we see from this article, the Red Cross is only allowed into Guantanamo on the condition that they don't tell anyone what they see in there.

Go to if you actually ever want to read news.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

As for 'Bush did this' and 'Bush lied about that' did any of this come from Fahrenhyte?
What's "Fahrenhyte"? We're quoting from reputable news sources... And Bush's own words here. You can't POSSIBLY argue with that, can you?

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