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This is the current RP? Okay here's my character.

"There are quite a lot of limbs sacrificed to lightsabers -- you could almost build your own Jedi from all the spare parts."
"How freakishly awesome would that be?"

Jedi Knight Vao Soth and Alixe Medcraft.

Name: Sergeant Alixe Medcraft
Team: Republic
Weapons: Electroscope rifle; part of Alixe's mission in providing security means being able to take out targets from a distance. While not a true sniper rifle, the Electroscope allows her to provide good overwatch of her tasked area, and is the weapon of choice for ranged combat.
Blaster Carbine; when close in the accuracy of a smaller weapon is more important than the range of something larger, and to that end Alixe relies on this old weapon that had been modified to provide a greater rate of fire.
Class: Republic sniper.
Bio: At the time of the blockade on Naboo Alixe Medcraft was a promising young army recruit for the Trade Federation, before defecting and choosing to fight against the droid army. Knowing she made the right decision Alixe joined the Naboo Defence Force and served as a soldier long after Queen Amidala stepped down. Her loyalty would not be forgotten however; when an attempt on Senator Amidala's life was made Alixe, now a sniper, was tasked with protecting her along with the Jedi Council, specifically Jedi Knight Aayla Secura. While Padme debated the Military Citation Act Alixe provided sniper overwatch of the council, keeping in contact with the Jedi providing security. However when Padme went back to Naboo Alixe was assigned to fight the Droid Army, being shipped from planet to planet, even working alongside the Clone Troopers after they were first deployed on Genosis. She was in fact working as support for a squad on Polis Massa when Order 66 was issued and she witnessed the Clone Troopers cold bloodedly kill the Jedi that accompanied them. Not knowing what was going on Alixe fought back, retreating to find out why they turned so suddenly. She discovered the distress signal calling the Jedi back to the temple on Coroscant, before it was switched off. Suspecting a trick Alixe waited in hiding and discovered the events that occured leading up to Palpatine becoming Emperor. The death of Padme, the slaughter of the Jedi and Younglings, betrayal from what was left, it was all too much and Alixe chose to hunt down and kill any Clone Trooper she could find, not realising that some chose not to participate in the attacks.
The quietly spoken and thickly accented soldier holds Queen Amidala in high regard, while not agreeing with her anti war stance believes that diplomacy takes presidence. Alixe however knows that decisive force is a nessecity especially in the dangerous politics the Naboo senator was involved in. She keeps a warm manner about her, patiently explaining that war is a nessecity, and is bilingual with a number of alien species including Twi'leks, Sullistans and Hutts.In fact Alixe had taken a shine to the Twi'leks and wishes to do something about their plight.

Opening post: "There's nothing from the other Jedi," Alixe said over the radio, talking to a Republic Officer, at least she hoped she was. "The distress signal from Coroscant had been cut off, the Clones couldn't have got them all." Alixe thought for a brief moment about the Jedi she had served with as she piloted the stolen fighter from her post on Polis Massa, maybe she could try finding them but she had no idea where to look.
"We're as confused as you are." The look on Alixe's face said she didn't like that one bit. "We're trying to raise any Jedi that might be..." the officer paused as he was given an update. "We have something here that might tell us what happened."
"Let's see it then," Alixe told him, nodding for him to go ahead. Immediately Alixe saw a video taken from inside the temple, where a group of the Jedi Younglings were hiding. There was no sound but Alixe saw a man enter and the children come over to him. "He looks familiar," she mused, before the man activated his lightsaber.
"I don't like this one bit..." the officer told her.
"I gotta see it." She had a good idea what happened next, but..."oh no." She turned away as Anakin struck down the Younglings, not being able to bear facing it. "Did you, did you see what he did?" she asked, trying to keep the shock she felt in check.
"My God," the officer agreed.
"I've seen enough." Alixe tried to put what she'd just seen out of her mind.
"What now Sergeant?" Alixe shoot her head.
"Not sure." In truth she had a fair idea. Head for Coroscant, stop the man she saw, somehow.
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