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*** Meanwhile in the Trigosen Nebula ***

Darth Nefarious stood on the bridge of the Warrior, gazing out over the hectic activity taking place outside. Dozens of Mandalorian service and repair vehicles were swarming over the massive hull of the Warrior, rapidly bringing the ship back to combat readiness. In the distance other ships could be seen, the Phoenix class cruisers ( that made up the bulk of his
fleet were also being readied.
The years these ships had spent hidden inside the nebula had not treated them well. Of the 57 ships Revan had hidden here only 38 could be made spaceworthy, with the others stripped for parts. Still it didn't really matter. With the Republic and Sith fleets devastated at the Battle of the Star Forge, he was now a force to be reckoned with in the galaxy.

Sensing a familiar presence approaching from behind he turned and spoke. "You have news Lord Rend."

Despite the ritual tattos that spread across her face, Darth Rend retained the beauty that Twilek women were known for. "I do. I have reliable information on at least four Jedi. The first is said to be hiding out on Ord Mandell with his apprentice. Another is working for a Hutt and was last reported to be on his way to Tatooine. The thirdwas just recently on Amron, settling a dispute between warring tribes. From what I can gather she was intending to meet up with a 'friend' on her way to Corellia. It is quite likely that her friend is also a Jedi, so we may have found as many as five."

Nefarious was silent for a moment as he absorbed the information. "The jedi will likely remain in contact with at least a few others, even if not directly. These few Jedi could very well lead us to many more.." Turning to the commander of his fleet he asked "How long until the fleet is ready to travel?"

"It will take another week for all of the ships to be ready, and even then many of the weapons are shot." Replied the commander, stepping forward. "We'll need to find replacement parts somewhere for them. But the Warriors repairs are nearly complete, we can leave within another day with half a dozen of the repaired cruisers as well."

Nefarious nodded, his face hidden behind the grim mask he perpetually wore. "Ready the fleet. As soon as repairs have been completed set a course for Ord Mandell." Turning back to the observation window he said under his breath, so quietly only Darth Rend could hear, "And we can at last rid ourselves of the meddling Jedi, and bring a new order to the galaxy. My order."

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