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Multiplayer MotS on XP


Amazed to see people still play this game... nearly 10 years after it's release.
Recently found my CDs again and wanted to play online with some friends only to find A) no more Asteroid on MSN Gaming Zone and B) Gamespy is retarded.. and lastly for some reason the game refuses to connect via IP.
Anyone else had this problem?
Tried everything from opening up the ports on my firewall/router, turning off my software firewall (xp and the other one), and lastly tried just plugging straight in without using a router. Buddy of mine was having the same problems.. I couldn't connect to his games and vice versa.
Could it be the DirectX drivers? or simply MotS hating WinXP. My cracked jkm.exe shouldn't have much to do with it.. just a CD bypass.


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