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But...people are saying Bush is guilty of the same things Saddam was charged with. Before this thread got sidetracked from the original topic, people claim George W. Bush junior aided Saddam and funded his chemical weapons that were used on the Kurds. That's how I interpret this.

Originally Posted by ET Warrior
Once again, just so it cannot be confused. Nobody is excusing Saddam. Nobody is even saying that Bush and Co. are necessarily WORSE than Saddam, only that they are ALSO guilty of the same crimes he was tried for.
Note that he's saying the same crimes he was tried for.

As for Bush ordering torture, did he? He's guilty of ordering torture? IIRC he condemned it and rightfully so. Any links that show he supported what happened at Abu Gharib? If you can provide one then I will go to every web site I can and say Bush is worse than Hitler.
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