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Originally Posted by ET Warrior:

Saddam is a bad, bad man. Everybody knows this, which is why we don't feel it is necessary to TALK about it. Just like I don't need to write a post explaining why it is that we need to eat food to survive.
We need to eat food to survive?



Originally Posted by Mace MacLeod:

WTF? I dunno, maybe some recognition that starting wars for bullsh!t reasons and helping people like Saddam Hussein along for decades isn't ethical? Maybe that this black-and-white "If you don't support Bush and our troops, you love al-Qaeda!" rhetoric the Republicans love to propagate is a complete load?
Oooh, wouldn't that be nice. Yeah, that'd be a good start.


Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

And this from someone who claims Jews use the Holocaust as an excuse for attacking Palestine? I don't think anything else needs to be said.
Hey, you've managed to fit an ad-hominem irrelevance and a misquote into one single post. Well done.

What I actually posted in the now defunct Holocaust thread was "The biggest impact that the holocaust has had on this generation, is to provide a catch-all excuse for Israel's continued atrocities in Palestine." Not "jews" mind you, but "Israel".

I stand by that statement. It's common for zionist extremists to cite the holocaust as one of the reasons they think jewish people will never be safe anywhere but within their own state, and therefore by implication they justify all the monstrous acts that the state of Israel has committed in order to "secure" that state. And you know, many jewish people who criticise Israel for committing war crimes and imply that the zionist element are exploiting the tragedies in jewish history for their own political gain are promptly labelled as "self-hating jews" by the... very vocal zionists both within and outside Israel. This is a morally indefensible situation.

But hey, your little ad-hominem is totally irrelevant to this discussion. Try reading and responding.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

A jury of his peers would be criticised because even though he might get off when judged through their eyes criticism would arise over the likes of Bin Laden, Kim Jong, Hamas, Palestine, ect presiding over a court of law. There is no way to provide a solution that will please people. None.
I love the way you suggest that "palestine" in general is as evil as Saddam Hussein. How foolish.

Now hear this: It's nothing to do with "pleasing people". It's about doing the right thing. The moral thing. Trying Saddam in a court that was sanctioned under international law by truly international organisations would be the optimally moral way to try him. But unless our own leaders were tried in in the same court, this would also be immoral.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

quite frankly the blame for Bush lies on you, yes YOU. You voted him in with full knowledge of the atrocities you lay at his feet, if you want Bush to be accountable for Iraq, what happens to terror suspects, September 11, and other crimes people claim against him, then shouldn't you take responsibility for voting him into power, and then ignoring the evils you level at him and choosing him again?
You don't really think that people who hold the kind of moralist beliefs that I do are the kind of people who would vote for Bush, or any of his cronies even once, do you? Bizarre. Furthermore, I'm English and therefore am unlikely to vote in US elections.

I voted against Tony Blair twice, if that helps you understand at all.

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``:

But...people are saying Bush is guilty of the same things Saddam was charged with.
Let's examine a few of the war crimes that Saddam can be charged with:

1. Illegally invading another country. (Kuwait.)
2. Ordering the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. (Kurds.)
3. Illegally imprisoning innocent people and torturing them. (Kurds, political dissidents.)

Now let's examine only a couple of the many war crimes that Bushie could be charged with:

1. Illegally invading another country. (Iraq.)
2. Ordering actions which inevitably caused the deaths of hundreds of thousands of civilians. (Iraqis.)
3. Illegally imprisoning and torturing innocent men. (Foreign nationals who haven't been proved guilty in a court of law, tortured in Abu Ghraib and tortured with governmental sanction in Guantanamo.)

End of line.

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