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Saddam and Bush are guilty for doing what men have done in their position since the beginning of civilization.

The problem isnít the actions of the men in power the problem is the men in power donít really represent their people. This is true no matter what country you live in. The difference is how they maintain their power. Saddam did what was necessary to maintain his power in the society he ruled in. Americans if anything are too gentle, because we expect people to do what we think is in their best interest regardless of the reality. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesnít.

Go the saying ďyou can lead a horse to water, but you canít make them drink.Ē


You can give Arabs the chance for a better life, but you canít make them stop hacking each others heads off.

I look at it like this being a Dictator, President, or King whatever is like a big game. The people that know how to manipulate and control the world around them survive. If they make a wrong play they get hung in 30 days. SH should have been more willing to scratch the USAs back again. If so he would still be killing Kurds and waving guns in the air.

Every cock fights best on his own dunghill.
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