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Originally Posted by Digitaldreamer
If you're tired, then you could always just save what you have written and add more onto the chapter, seems your second chapter could really just be tagged onto the end of your first chapter and they could just be one chapter.
Don't think of them as chapters. Think of them as updates. That's how I write my stuff; I've been known to write 50,000 words over a period of three months, an update a day. That's how I do things. I can never really be bothered to write loads at the same time. I'm a seasoned writer, I have loads of stuff I've written, I just like doing it in moderation. I also think that people like to read shorter bits of stuff, rather than big bits they probably wouldn't read anyway.

Your grammar could still use a bit of work
Any particular points of this?
and your formatting is a bit wonky...
Again, any particular points where it's wonky?

also, you could still really use more detail.
I'm not a person who goes into much detail. I'm more Pratchett minded than anything else; letting the reader make up their own minds.
Even in a humor fic, adjectives are your friends.
Yep, yep.

You know, tell us what the area looks like, what the temprature feels like, the sounds, the smells, etc, etc...yes, we already know from playing the game, but discribing your setting helps put the reader "there", persay. We don't need page after page of flowing discription, but even so, some would be good.
Yeah, alright, it isn't really my thang, but I suppose I need to improve anyway.

'Nuff said.
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