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Kote stood behind the Hutt, Blubba, slightely to the Hutt's right. He stood straight and at attention, holding his SFOR Carbine up in his common fashion. Nothing much was happening, the Hutt was napping, as always, and he, as always, had to stand guard. Lucky for himself, Kote knew how to sleep standing up, which is what he was doing, but it didn't mean he wasn't vigilant, he was more than aware of what happened around him, even in his sleeping state.

Kote had a stinking life debt with the oversized living turd. Kote was just about sick of the Hutt's distortion of him, in use, and name. The Hutt was always betraying him, making him bait, or the scape goat. But Kote still held on to tradition, and didn't kill the Hutt, but only because of the debt. Kote could only hope that the Hutt sold his debt to someone else, which was rather unheard of, but Hutts will sell anything; or he hoped the Hutt died, either by choking on his food, or some random accident. Though he hoped he could get the chance to kill the rotten smelling fart blossom.

But these things were unlikely right now, and he could only hope to be given a job, so he slept on, if only lightly.

"But in you...I see the potential to see the Force die, to turn away from its will..."
"You are beautiful to me, exile. A dead spot in the Force, an emptiness in which its will might be denied."
"But no Jedi ever made the choice you did. To sever ties so completely, so utterly, that it leaves a wound in the Force..."
"I would have killed the galaxy to preserve you...You are more precious than you know..."'s verbatim!-A quote from Darth Traya (Kreia)
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