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November 11th Update

Well it’s been another busy week at Ages of Star Wars we have a new 100% Flash Faction sub-section up and running with a completely new never seen before content now you can delve into the History of each and every unit included in AoSW. Link to the new site here:

HK-47 is now fully Textured and In-game:

In-game screenshot:

HK-47 was a Hunter-Killer assassin and Jedi hunter built by Revan to kill those who, as he believed, would destabilize the Galaxy. HK-47 was originally constructed by Revan, shortly after the Battle of Malachor IV, to be the quintessential assassin. While he was completely loyal— friendly, even— to those he identified as "master," he had virtually no regard for any form of life, and was driven by an unquenchable thirst for violence and carnage. He characteristically used the affectionate term "meatbag" when speaking of organic life forms, especially Humans.

This is a Work-in-Progress Courageous

Courageous was the name of Captain Saul Karath’s ship during the Mandalorian Wars. Tough judging by the size of the ship compared to the smaller Hammerhead-class capital ships around it, Courageous may have been a battleship or have functioned as a large command ship as the Super Star Destroyers would during the reign of the galactic Empire.

This is a Work-in-Progress and undesignated Republic Tank:

I’d like to remind everyone that AoSW has a new Gallery where you can find all of our Renders, Screenshots and Userbars:
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