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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Yes, there's no denying that, and he is evil for doing so. There, happy? Feel vindicated? The question was did he set out to kill the people of Iraq or remove Saddam from power?
Clearly he did not make it his goal to kill Iraqi civilians. However, while it was not his intention to have so many of the 'liberated' Iraqis to be killed, it still happened. There is a point, I believe, when recklessness cannot be excused on the grounds that it's not intentional. His decision to invade was so reckless that it has turned a country which was, while one ****ty place to live, at least stable and not in the middle of an ethnic cleansing campaign.

It's like the story I heard on TV about a drunk driver on the wrong side of the freeway who slammed head-on into a limo, which was carrying a newly-wed couple and their family. The collision was so violent that at least one child killed in the accident was decapitated. For this, the drunk driver was not charged with anything less than murder. No, not involuntary homicide or manslaughter, but murder.
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