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Stuck in Eclipse mission

I brought a huge fleet to this mission, sneak the shuttle around, blast all the spacedocks and everything else, but the reinforcements keep coming. I took out all the large rebel ships and the millenium falcon and that goal dropped off, though some mc's kept coming for a while, and until I finally lost the eclipse there was a steady stream of marauders and xwings and so-on. The big problem is the imperial reinforcements. I've taken out about 20 ISD's if not many more along with lots of other things, and they just keep coming and dropping lots of fighters. I've long since run out of anything that can take out fighters, and they just keep coming. It started to mix in acclamators and vsd's before I died, but I'm pretty sure I took out more than was in that backdrop fleet in RotJ with no sign of it ending. Am I doing something wrong or do I just need to sell absolutely every unit I have to max out the unit cap on a fleet of fighters?
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