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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
This may sound like an obvious question, but if we were to claim Bush intended to kill Iraqi people, then the suicide bombings that Palestine had conducted against Israel, would it be fair to say they intended to kill Jews or does another rule apply to them?
WTF does that have to do with Saddam or Iraq? Hello...there is no way to invade a country and dig out an entrenched military force without killing civilians. I mean, what the hell...? This has nothing to do with Israel or their military's actions or suicide bombers from Palestine. OF COURSE Bush and his buds intended to kill Iraqi civilians! There was absolutley no way to invade Iraq without doing so! Hell-oooo...! They knew that all along, and they ignored international law to go in anyway. The US invasion has killed far more people than all the suicide bombings in Israel and 9/11 combined. What is your definition of "Evil" anyway? Al-Qaeda kills civilians it's evil, the US kills civilians it's not? Those people are dead either way.

Originally Posted by windu6
I don't like Bush but this is ridiculous.
Also these so called logical examples you give are ridiculous too.
He "set out to kill the people", come on.
He f**k up by invading Iraq and he is an idiot but I don't think he is evil.
You really do hate logic, don't you?
Originally Posted by windu6
Nancy you are wasting your time arguing with a pacifist.
The Space Navy recruiting yet?

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