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Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
Simple, I want to establish whether or not Palestine sets out to kill Jews by launching terrorist attacks against Israel.
Since Israel is a Jewish state, I'm gonna say "yes."

Originally Posted by Nancy Allen``
By that logic then maybe Kosovo, Kuwait and Somalia shouldn't have had any intervention, as obviously it was the intent to kill the people there by invading and overthrowing the occupational forces there. For that matter, Vietnam probably should have been left to communisn, Korea should have been ignored and most definetly no action should have been taken against the Nazi takeover of Europe, because the intention was to kill the people who were in those countries rather than fight against Hitler.
If you're going to make this argument, you may find it more effective if you leave out Somalia and Vietnam. And by the way, most U.S. forces were fighting Japan during World War II. The U.S. cared about what was going on in Europe so much we turned a boatload of Jewish refugees just before the Holocaust-although if you also subscribe to the theory that the U.S, knew about Pearl Harbor several years before it happened you could make the argument that this was done so we could send troops to Europe without upsetting the general public.

Originally Posted by windu6
Don't tell me you believe that Bush intended to wipe the Iraqi people out.
He doesn't care enough about them to want to wipe them out. To him, I'm guessing they're nothing more than the background of a photo-op.

Originally Posted by windu6
Genocide, are you kidding me?
He didn't say Bush intended to commit genocide, he said Bush didn't give a damn about whether or not they died.

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