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Originally Posted by Spider AL
So yes, he "set out to kill the people", in the same way that a mugger who beats people up and steals their cash "sets out to beat people up". Even if he has an ulterior motive for his violence, his violence is intentional and part of his crime.
American GIs, and I'm assuming the soldiers and sailors of any other well-trained force in any other country, do not 'set out to kill the people.' Jimbo's in the US Army, so we get to see a lot more news about what goes on there than the media decides to show on TV, and Jimbo saw a lot of soldiers coming back from Iraq (he helped them with their outgoing dental work that they all had to do). We heard not just the 'approved' stories but the US Army, but also heard individuals' stories about what's happening over there, and they don't hold back unless ordered to keep something classified. We've worked our butts off to avoid killing 'the people'. The truth is, 'the people' are killing far more of 'the people' than the Americans have.

Originally Posted by Spider AL
lol "like vietnam".
The only way the US could ever hope to even BEGIN to repair the damage they've done to Iraq is to funnel such a HUGE amount of money into the battered nation, that it would probably ruin the US economy. Repairing Iraq isn't going to happen.
I've spoken with a number of 'Nam vets (both pro and con-Bush, so their politics don't factor into this). They uniformly and without hesitation say this war is absolutely nothing like Vietnam. Having studied the Vietnam war and Lyndon Johnson (President at the time) and having heard from current soldiers and vets, I completely agree. Different times, different attitudes, different ideologies, different geography, etc. In any case, comparison with 'Nam is irrelevent.

The US is funneling in huge amounts of money into the nation. The new bridges, rebuilt roads (rebuilt far better than what they were to start with), new schools, rebuilt and restocked hospitals, new de-salinization plants and new sewage systems and treatment plants weren't the result of spontaneous generation. However, pictures of a sewage treatment plant has been deemed by the media as "Not Exciting and/or Sexy" like pictures of exploding roadside bombs, so it doesn't get any press.

I think Bush made a big mistake invading--that decision was based on bad information (Do you think Colin Powell would have gone to the UN with that info if _he_ thought it was bad? I don't think so). However, now that we're there, we need to finish the job and not leave it to get taken over by whoever the next strongest and most cunning general happens to be.

Hussein's an Iraqi citizen, it's Iraq's job to deal with him.

@Mace--the 'space navy' and assorted related statements reminds me of the saying on a t-shirt 'Beam me up, Scotty, there's no intelligent life down here.'

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