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I looked around in awe. I hadn't seen this many knights and masters in the same place since Genosis. Gandon strode off to where the masters were meeting, deciding what to do next.

I spotted Njan Smite, a knight I trained and fought at Genosis with, over by one of the shuttles.
"Greetings young knight," I said sarcastically from behind. He turned in dispute before recognising me.
"Good to see you again brother," he said quitely. "I hear you put up quite a fight on Coruscant?"
"If you say so. You get out ok?" I asked. He nodded slightly, it was clear he was still confused as to what was happening.

"Come," I gestured and began walking towards a ridge. "Someone has to scout the area!"
I recovered my hood and strode off, not waiting for Njan to oblige.

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