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(Yeah, good profile. On my last post forget the part about Adi Gallia. I just found out she died. Instead, replace her part with Klagen Vest.)

"I'm going to go and track down Master Yoda. He will have some of the answers we seek," I stated. "Very well, the rest of us will stay here. If there is anyone you'd like to recruit for your trip, do it now. Contact us when you find Yoda. We must discover the truth behind this madness," Klagen acknowledged. "May the force be with us all," I replied before I strode off to find my starfighter, supposing that someone had recovered it. I found it and a feeling of relief went through me. Next to the ship was a greif stricken group of Jedi whom I immediately recognized as some of my friends. "Gandon!" Katherine cried as she rushed into my arms. "No one knows what's going on. Everyone is scared. I-," I cut her off by putting my finger to her lips. "Shh, It's okay, we must be calm about this. I'm going to rack down Master Yoda and discover what is happening. I want you all to stay here with the rest of the group. You'll be safe," I said as she began to speak again. "Please, take me with you, I'll go anywhere. I love you." "And I love you," I said and embraced her again as we kissed. Then I spoke once more, "Please, you will be safe, I'll be fine once I reach Master Yoda. I'll return, I promise." With that I entered the cockpit of the starfighter and took off to whatever lied ahead.

There is a difference between being smart and being wise; being smart is knowing what you believe to be right, but being wise is knowing the truth.
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