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You've intrigued me. A RP in RD? Fun.

Name: Davinq (pronounced Davink)
Age: 14
Gender: ??? jk, male
Appearance: Curly blonde hair, blue eyes, blue AE hoodie, dirty blue jeans (pic necessary?)
Skills: quick thinking, selfless, strong, witty retorts, Sh1to Riu Karate
Weaknesses: Not very agile, gullible.


It was a balmy, pleasant saturday. Birds sang. Kids played outside. Davinq was busy talking to his girlfriend on his newly acquired cell phone. As he hung up, the phone vibrated loudly, indicating a text message. Davinq quickly glosses over the transmission, and gets ready to take off for the mall.

"Mom!" he called, "can I head over to the mall?"
"Sure thing, Dav!" she replies.
Well that wasn't so hard, for a change, Davinq thought. Before he walked out the door, he prepared himself with all the things the message said to bring: wooden stakes, his Holy Cross necklace, plenty of cash, ID, and combat gloves. After that, he took a few minutes using Buddhist meditation techniques to clear the mind. His sensei had always said that Davinq had a troubled mind, full of clouds. Try as he might, he couldn't do it. A thought would always stray in!

Hell with this, Davinq thought. Getting up from the floor, he trudged down the stairs and out the door. As he alighted the front porch, he got the strange feeling that this was going to be a long night.

He had no idea.

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