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Name: Brandon (pronounced Dracula)
Age: 16
Gender: Dude
Appearance: You know damn right.

Skills: Creative, can make anything into a weapon, high pain and poison tolerance.
Weaknesses: While intelligent, not very good with common sense.


Brandon (intertron alias, Smon) was walking to the mall... 3 miles. Does not believe in cars. Nope.

"This is gonna be the best thing ever." he said to his PSP "I get to meet George Romero, master of zombie cinema. Nothing could go wrong here. Except for zombies. But what are the odds of that?" he stopped at the gas station to pick up a Fuze (they are healthy, I'm totally not a hippie) John was working there so he had a little chat with him.

"Hey John, just the Fuze, hey, you playing Super Smash later?"
"Ah, you crazy." Smon said laying the money on the counter and heading towards the mall. Meanwhile John came out from the backroom nude. "Hey, thanks for covering for me. He thinks anyone with that nametag is me." "GRAAAH!" "Okay, how about this, you work the rest of my shift and I dig up some nice and tasty brains from the cemetary downtown... okay?" "Grrrruuu!" "Alright, see ya in an hour!" said John, walking out to his car completely naked.

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