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Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
Ive been playing this alot and I dont know about that. Its a damn side more balanced than FoC thats for sure AND bug free, touch wood, but for me the Necrons are pretty damn cheap. Try playing bloodshed ally 3v3 against three standard computer necrons and see how you go...anyway this isnt relic forums so i will get on to what i wanted to write.
Yeah, it has it's problems - but really, going up against 3 Necron armies at the same time? You do like your challenges, don't you
Besides, my fave sides in DC are the Tau and the Eldar, and they are textbook cases of balance.

The opinion that the rebels got duped in the expansion with their space units..well, yeah, sort of. They didnt need a heap of extra space units because they were already well balanced. Rogue Sdqn cant really compete with Thrawn I agree but they are much more obtainable, costing less than half.
I'm not really sure what you mean by this. The rogues and thrawn are hero units, and hence they spawn. The fact of the matter is Thrawn has not only a constant effect advantage, but he's a capital ship. Rogues have a temporary boost, and after that, they are at the mercy of every other type of fighter in the game. If petro are going to force me into relying on my heroes to win anything, then I want heroes that are up to the task. The rogues aren't. You're correct in that the rebels didn't need much due to the fact they were balanced - but now, the two other amries have a stagggering arsenal which the rebels simply can't compete with. And to add insult to injury, most of thier hero abilities have been toned down. I.e., the rebels are f**cked.

Corrupt Militia/planetary take over thing...It goes to the heart of how the ZC operates but having no control over it really is lame. There is a way around it and thats simply to leave it. However as a player said they had a large garrison there and it went down without a fight. That is ridiculous. Seeing as the ZC is so wealthy, it could be an idea to introduce a cost to the ZC to take over a planet when a revolt begins, the reason being that it will cost money to finance the revolt. The larger the garrison the more it will cost to finance the revolt.
That was me, and I second your criticism. The idea about financing a revolt is a damn good idea, it puts ZC on equal footing.

Sabotage ability: This is just plain annoying. I was losing up to three buildings PER day during certain periods in a GC. I dont think sabotage should be removed entirely but it is way overdone. If i didnt have a war chest of about 80,000 credits I would have been forced out of the galaxy by defilers alone.
To be honest, I considered this just one of the ZC's more canon abilities. However, I do think the cost of bombing an area that has already been bombed dozens of times already should by incredibly high.

Heres a few handy suggests for PG...
Vengeance Frigates: take note of all the talk. These things need to be a little less tough. Seeing as Mass drivers are projectile weapons not energy, maybe give them limited ammunition???
I don't think we should go that far. The cloaking device on a pirate ship is about as canonesque as turbolaser-equipped Y wings, so that, as far as I care, can go. I don't think it needs an ammunition count - just cut the armour down to the levels of other ships in it's class and it'll be fine.

ZC space stations: way too tough. If the blue pulse plasma cannons and mass drivers dont get you the standard lasers and protons will. They can slaughter fighters and bombers and therefore have no real weakness. Shields seem to be greater with better recharge than other factions.
Yep. There isn't really any excuse for this.

Star Vipers: Too fast and maneuverable. They are superior in every respect to other fighters.
Yeah, I don't mind the idea of StarVipers being used as pirate fighters, but I'm sick of seeing squadrons of full-blown Viragos. To be honest, I think they should be at the same level as everyone else's.

Keldabe: Shield leach ability should be toned down. Need to cost a little more too me thinks.
They can keep it as far as I'm concerned, just so long a similarly large weakness is also put on. Currently it's just a capital ship with all the advantages and no weakness.

Int IV: Needs an engine hardpoint because its a bit on the fast side and every other frigate has one giving these things unparalleled speed.
I agree with you on the same grounds as the stations. This is just pure unbalancing with no reason whatsoever.

Interdictor: They are useless in skirmish unless their decoy missile ability has been improved to have the same effect as IG-88s ability. That would make them useful. Needs a combination of, extra HPs or lasers.
Possibly. Remeber interdictors are only any use in the canon for trapping ships - so I'm not sure if they need any sort of tweaking beyond their HPs and lasers.

B-Wing: In the xml I spotted they only have the same shield strength as an X-wing. Absolute rubbish. These things need to be flying tanks. Double shield strength and id give them the ion ability.
According to the canon, the B-Wing had about as much firepower and shielding as a skipray and could take on Imperial corvettes. Give them that kind of upgrade and we're getting somewhere - what you've mentioned should work.

TiE Defender: Should be the fastest thing in space if it already isnt.
Where'd this come from? I was under the impression the fastest fighters in space were Vigilances and A-Wings.... To be honest, I like this fighter. I think it's a good job.

ISDs: I quite like the idea of 2nd shield generator hardpoint. Should receive some more hit points (best in the form of a couple of extra weapons). Jack up the price if need be: 5500 or 6000k is fine by me.
Doing this would mean that they would be more shielded than Mon Cals, which doesn't make sense. They should have more firepower - i.e., more Turbos.
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