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I can only agree to everything that has been said here. And about the Star Destroyer; if not buffing it up, then how about adding the Imperial-II Star Destroyer?

Tie-Defender: In the Tie-Fighter game it was the fastest ship there, I seem to remember the A-Wing had a speed of 120(forget the unit) and the defender had a speed of 156.

also, is it just me, or does the difficulty slider not affect the ZC? I was playing GC and the constant Corruption and Sabotage was just getting plain annoying, so I changed it to Easy, just so I could get some peace... Or at least I thought I would, the only difference was that the empire got extremely weak, so the ZC completely overran them, and got even stronger :/

All in all I think the ZC isn't impossible to beat, it just makes the game no fun to play:/
So, like I've read from so many others, the damn thing goes back on the shelf...
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