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Originally Posted by Lundquist
Tie-Defender: In the Tie-Fighter game it was the fastest ship there, I seem to remember the A-Wing had a speed of 120(forget the unit) and the defender had a speed of 156.

All in all I think the ZC isn't impossible to beat, it just makes the game no fun to play:/
So, like I've read from so many others, the damn thing goes back on the shelf...
Nevertheless, in the normal canon the A-Wing was the fastest fighter the rebels had, and was only ever matched by the imperial A-9 Vigilance - which apart from it's speed was basically a crap version of the TIE interceptor. I can't remember the speed in TIE Fighter, it must have been 6 years ago I last played it

I'm doing the same thing as you - leaving it on the shelf. Every time I play it I find something else about the Rebels that Petro have fubar'd. Hopefully this patch will do something to reverse the damage - much of the changes that have been suggested are all basically XML. I just wish I'd known about all this crap before I bought it...

It kind of makes me think somewhere along the line that someone on the Petro team turned around and mentioned "Guys, Lucasrts don't like the idea of the Dark Side and the Light Side being up against the WTFPWNING side. We need a new name. What's that? Corrupt? Great, that'll work...."
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