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Originally Posted by wedge2211
And the only ion bolts we've ever seen in the movies are actually red.

I haven't had a chance to try the bombardments yet, but I can definitely see an ion bombardment being useful (and I can't imagine Princess Leia or Mon Mothma ordering turbolaser banks to turn a planet into sheet glass). Depending on how long the effect lasts, at least.
Beleive me, they sound a lot better than they actually are. They're pointless against infantry, and their effect against shields and vehicles is so brief that I can barely get my units to the enemy to take advantage of it. If it were the ground-based equivalent of the Orbital Ion blasts than I wouldn't be complaining, but it's little more than a light show and clearly untested. There's also the fact that it makes no sense as far as canon goes. No pillock in the galaxy would bother shooting Ion bolts onto a planet because, as FoC proves, they'd do sod all. I don't think I've ever seen or read about anyone being daft enough to do it.

And I don't get the point about Leia and Mon Mothma. So they are against using turbolasers on a planet.... but are not above ok-ing dropping nuclear proton bombs via Y-Wing? Gimme a break. It's completely inconsistent and one of the most short-sighted design descisions I've seen in a game. It just doesn't work.
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