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Name: Kelvin(Psychochaos )
Age: ??
Skills: Vast arsenal, Incredible skill with weaponry,great computer skills,Coca-cola Hyper form, a little strength and agility
Weaknesses: Hates Rubix cubes, useless without weapons, Weak after Hyper Form, Strength and agility don't last long, sounds of styrofoam make him twitch.
Appearence: Trenchcoat and Mask

At the Microsoft Mall (Microsoft rules all.), a trencoated figure stands on lookout.

"I sense zombie." said Nguyen.

"Need brains.Need brains" yelped the zombies.

"Eat this ya hippie." said Kelvin as he blasted them away

Suddenly thousands more entered the area all covered in blood.

"I need backup" said Kelvin as he called an old ally on his cell phone.

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