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Looking around the entire mall from the top floor rail, Davinq didn't quite know what to think. Some random guy calls him, tells him to come to the mall, and for what? A suspicious group of "sentients" with dead looking skin. Wary of his gullibility, Davinq wondered if it had merely been a prank call. Suddenly, a shriek from the west end caught his attention. HOLY ****!, Davinq though. When the mystery caller said dead skin, he wasn't kidding; zombies! Before he knew what was happening, people began running and screaming every which way. Someone who was trying to call the police at a payphone got trampled. A tall Asian man tripped over an advertising stand. Amidst the chaos, Davinq remembered the initial scream, and ran off to find the victim. Unfortunately, ran off implies the opposite direction as everybody else, thus the going was slow.

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