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Name-Darth or Ave
Age- 13!
Apperance-Blue Braids that are a little messed up, Gray long sleeved shirt, black pants boots, black trench.
Skills-Killer superheroine outfit, logical, has skills handling weapons thanks to war video games, can handle sai's due to 2 year obsession with elektra and purchase of rubber TMNT sai's.
Weaknesses-stupidity, sarcasm, easially annoyed.

Ave walked out of the Chick-Fil-A nibbling on delishious nuggets. "Mmmm, chicken is good yo!" She said to herself. Than she saw Brandon in the phone booth. "HOLY SHEEP IT'S SMON!! EVEN THOUGH THE LAST TIME I SAID THAT, IT TURNS OUT I WAS IN THE WRONG STATE AND CHILD LABOR LAWS WERE STILL IN ACT." She walked over to Brandon in the phone booth. "I look dressed to kill some monsters for no real reason, but how's it hangin'?
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