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(BF2)Hunt Mode:Hunters Become Hunted

Many people hate the Gungans. I don't care about it, but I guess because of it, in BF2, they place in Hunt Mode where you can hunt out the enemy.

So, I start up the CIS vs. Gungans. Playing as the CIS.

Gungans beat me.

Turns out that they start off with all grenades. These grenades, being thrown at the CIS in close range, annlihated my entire unit. The CIS was there, being sent to blow up the Gungans, but it ends up that the CIS was being massacured!

Same thing happened with the Empire vs. Ewoks. Ewoks got spears and rocks, knocking the Imperial Snipers off the ground. These snipers are disabled, allowing for the Ewok to do chain attacks and finally elimante me.

Even the Tusken Raiders vs. Jawas become hard to fight. The Tusken Raiders walk around, with blasters...and end being slaughtered by Jawas with infintie Arc Welders. Man, I'm sure those Jawas could wipe out an entire Imperial division...

So...erm...Help. I need help with how, using the Hunters, to defeat those that are supposed to be HUNTED. Basically, how to kill off the Gungans, Ewoks, and Jawas. Because, I have to say, those three races are, according to my battles, the greatest military forces in the galaxy.
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