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Meh. Since everyone else is using their real names, I'll use mine too.

Fighting mall traffic was something Daniel had plenty of experience of, since he always chills there with his homies (and he'd text you pics if you didn't believe him). Finally, he reached the west end of the the mall, and laying in front of the Apple store was Abby. About to take a bite: half a score of zombies. Diving towards the nearest one, Daniel whipped out a wooden stake, plunging it into the zombie's chest. It fell with a loud shriek. Removing the stake, and working quickly, the other 9 zombies followed suit.
"C'mon, wake up." He muttered to Abby.
But just then, at least 50 more zombies appeared out of the blue. "Well, this is gonna be fun," He muttered, noticing the store right across the walkway: a gun shop. It was open. That is, if empty, glass-shattered, and already half-overrun by zombies counts as open.

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