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Originally Posted by Lundquist
All in all I think the ZC isn't impossible to beat, it just makes the game no fun to play:/
So, like I've read from so many others, the damn thing goes back on the shelf...
My sentiments exactly. I found the GC game against them very challenging but not enjoyable. In order to limit the ZC technology and so I didnt have to run into lvl 4/5 stations everywhere I stayed at tech 1 until they had about 6 planets left. Trying to take on 15 sdqns+ of star vipers was like getting eaten alive by pirahnas. I just spammed suicide fleets of tartans to go in and cut down as many sqdns before my real fleet attacked.

Tears I tend to write with respect to skirmish a bit hence the bit about Rogue Sdqn and Thrawn. I havent been bothered to look at the speed of the Defenders in XML but they dont strike me as being overly quick and ive always felt the interdictor is pretty weak; its been all but useless in skirmish. Tougher B-Wings would give the rebs a bit of a heavier punch and make up for their lack of units. I mean really, in skirmish they are like 700 and I think inferior to Y-wings!

ISD2s would be a great idea. I put them in my own mod and they cost about 9000 but reflected the cost. It would just be a shame that it would take the upgraded ISD to resemble how the base model should be.
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