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I know this was posted a long time ago, but...

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Likewise, Yoda uses lightning in AOTC, according to the movie.
That is your interpretation of what you see. However, in the novelization, which is just as high g-canon, we are told that this isn't the case:

"More lightning poured forth from Dooku's hand, but Yoda continued to catch it and turn it, and seemed to become even more settled in his defensive posture...Dooku disengaged his futile lightning assault."

and in the similar case from ROTS:

"The shadow could feel how much it cost the little green freak to bend back his lightnings into the cage of energy that enclosed them both; the creature had reached the limits of its strength."

Originally Posted by Kurgan
People refuse to believe this, insisting that lightning is only a darkside power
Which we are flat out told in the AOTC commentary.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
which they've learned from the video games and RPG's.
and from Lucas directly.

Originally Posted by Kurgan
Sure, the ROTJ novelisation calls it "evil lightning" (iirc)
"Sith Lightning" and "dark side power" are the terms Lucas used, and he mentions that he had Dooku display that power to make it clear to the audience that he was now indeed a user of the dark side and member of the Sith, and not just a Jedi who disagreed politically from the Jedi Order.

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