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Mayhem had only to take a trolly to get to the Mircosoft mall, and at first all had been rather peaceful. Armed with her pitiful armada (a swiss army-knife, the wolfsbane, a camera and a teeny bottle of disenfectant) she had arrived only to feel that her time had been wasted. It was no werewolf, just a really hairy pervert. Seeing as she was already there anyway, Mayhem had decided to saunter around the mall and look busy.

But of course, this is the zombes attack! RPG. Things were not meant to stay peaceful. "For a mall built over the gates of hell and the very junction of 3 completely different states, this mall aint half bad," She said to herself. A scream. Then another. Then more, their voices conglemerating into one. Mayhem flipped her head about, trying to grasp what was happening. And it didn't take long to find out.

"Zombies!" Some random person yelled.

Zombies? Mayhem had managed to cap 1 once, but just one, and just once. Standing on a bench for a better view, her blood ran cold. This was not just 1 zombie. Not even 4 or 10. At least 100 from her vantage point. Anyone bitten was soon thereafter a victim. And then ... she ran. Now, Mayhem wasn't very fast, but when you are running for your life, miracles happen. She HAD to get to the exits...

"Emergency quarantine, emergency quarantine!" The skytron within the cafeteria section boomed. Things went from bad to worse when Mayhem managed to catch a glimpse of cops barricading the only exits. The lumbering zombies didn't take heed to her specifically, but they were out for blood and brains. And that was when she saw a ragtag group of people. Safety in numbers, right? And they looked a lot less smarter than the ditzes who died fighting over their Prada clutches. Rushing to them, she than realized, "OMG! It's the RD gang!"
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