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Originally Posted by Rust_Lord
It would be good, and I suspected that they disrupt production/upgrades at a facility hit by them for a good length of time. That would make sense and make up for not blowing the building to a zillion bits like a TL would. You cant produce any units then!!!
The operative phrase here being "...for a good length of time". I like the orbital Ion blasts because they were a true alternative to simply shooting a big f**k-off space gun at cruisers, imperial style. Rather than do massive damage, you remove the ship entirely from the equation for a certain amount of time.

The problem is if you're going to bombard an area on land it's unlikely you're here for tech theft - that's an invasion. Had I had Ion assaults that allowed me to do Piracy style stuff, like capture imperial technolgies by keeping the factories intact...... that would be good. Simply having a naff version of a turbolaser assault is not going to help.
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