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It seems I can disagree a large amount with Rust-Lord. I have found that Tie-Interceptors can counter the Star-Vipers. I have also been able to counter the corruption easily, without that much credits (maybe about 6-10 thousand). In addition, I have noticed how effective the Artillary Starships are and have you ever tried using them? I have destroyed about 20 squadrons of fighters with 1 Broadside Cruiser/ Maurader (No Modifications are applied). By what I have faced B-Wings are more powerful then Y-Wing, Tie-Fighters are useless against them, in addition I generally have problems against them. The Way to counter the vengence is fairly simple to counter, if you look at the counter list the Mc30 most definitly is a counter for the Vengence in addition the empire can use either Broadsides + Fighters or simply and ISD, I have killed Vengences easily (even after I upped their Health). For the space stations, I can see some agreement there... Although the it is always best to use the usual counters to a space station, in addition have destroyed a space station without much cost of capital ships (I did not modify any space-stations), In my game I can see how to counter it, using similar stategies for instance focusing firepower! I have actually destroyed a vengence without loosing a hardpoint, once again I can elabrate on focusing firepower. Key elements are to use your advantage of fighters, such as using the spawned ones against the vengence (there is a reason why the spawned ones are disposable)! My only comment is that the ZC heroes are a bit overpowered (just Zann and Sirili can take a whole planet that is reasonably gaurded).

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