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Panting from mass zombie invasion, Kelvin noticed something. A wolflike zombie was devouring other zombies and gettin larger. Soon it attacked him and he somehow whips a a huge blade and slices through it.

"Mod zombie? I haven't seen one of those in a long time. Could be more." said Kelvin. As he brought up his vidscreen, this was the display:

Mod Zombie: a speciallized zombie that has been modified from its original form.

MZs in the area:

5 Slashers: a MZ that uses large slashing 3 ft long claws. Lv 3

4 Wolfins: Wolf-like MZs that devour other zombies to grow in power.Lv 4

?????: Incredibly unusual MZ. Unknown abilities.Lv? possibly 5

Lv guide. 1=weak!!! 2=Average 3= tough 4= very strong 5= Run like $%##
6=You're screwed man. No escaping this thing.

'Wonder what's that 3rd one. Well, zombie killing takes no breaks" said Kelvin as he started chopping through zombies to the nearest vending machine.

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