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Boycott = bojkoted, Wilfer.

You can *counter* the Star Viper with an Interceptor (ie keep it busy) but ive seen it with one squadron, 2 sqdn, 5+ sdqn that the Star Viper eventually *defeats* the interceptor and if they deploy their buzz droids in the right spot they win pretty convincingly.

When you say you counter the corruption are you talking GC or skirmish, militarily or actually removing their corruption/influence? Its all but imposible to remove their corruption entirely but this doesnt worry me so much. The production benefits are pretty good. It gets a bit annoying there's not a damn thing you can do about it though.

I like Y-wngs better than B-wings because they can use ion cannons. Bwings cant. They both fire torps and they are both crap against fighters and corvettes *although* Ywings have a chance at disabling them for a bit. Im more afraid of Y-wings than B-wings.

I have used broadsides against the ZC and they work well enough however the broadside actually has a much shorter range than the marauder. Attacking ships is okay however once attacked the ZC has always assembled its entire force and headed straight for me, so if I didnt have a comparable force they would slaughter me; and in the GC I played they used my old tactic of having a few HUGE fleets that I could not match at that point in the game without leaving every planet undefended. Against ZC stations with the broadside you have to get within their range to use them and you dont last very long. The marauder is okay. With the space stations the usual bomber attack gets shot up by plasma, lasers and mass drivers. You have to send a heap of squadrons escorted by fighters and hope they do enough damage to key hardpoints. When using acclamators you only get the 1 bomber sqdn so you really have to make them count which is not easy.

As for the vengeance they dont worry me too much, but I think they are imbalanced; nor do the aggressors worry me; I took out three with a lvl 1 space station and 2 bomber squadrons once.

Silri and Zann dont worry me; I know what you mean about playing as them though, they are pretty damn powerful but Urai is even worse....he has beaten both the Emperor, Vader and Fett one on one, hands down. He is ridiculous.
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