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Are you talking about playing hunt mode online or single player?
I find it funny that the supposed hated races to many critics
of star wars that the ewoks and the gungans are pwning in this
game. Hmm I would suggest to play how people played the
Jedi Knight series by doing the jump like a maniac technique
but that probally would be hard to do since instead you do
a dive technique. If its online its vital that you hunters act as
1 unit instead of just doing your own thing.

Dont be to close to fellow
allies thus preventing alot of grenade deaths with the gungans.
Since you armed with rifles and gungans are only stuck with
grenades. Shoot em from a far thus forcing your opponent to
lob grenades a super distance if possible . Rifles are pretty
easy to shoot from afar. Well unless its against real people.

Ewoks are toughies. They small and they can hide. Thus making it
fun to play online I would think. Ewoks can be beaten though.
Simple thing would be to be up in the trees taking them off
from there. But if that gets boring you can always go run and
gun em. Just hope your accurate .

Well you would think this should be easy. Tuskens all the way
Tuskens are warrior like and the ole jawa you would think wouldnt
be good at combat. Whats so hard with the jawas is there shotgun like
electric weapon. Just charge it up hope you hit. But with the tuskens again
they have a rifle. SHouldnt be hard to get them from a distance against the ai
but against real opponents. They prob charge those suckers up and own the day.

I hope this helped some. I havnt played battlefront 2 lately. I only got it
on the xbox. So I dont have any online experiance. Just tried to give some
helpful insight. If I got anything wrong here weaponwise. With all do please
correct me

The Force is strong with this one!
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