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Ya I agree wombird. Me and my brother would play co op on the xbox
alot of times and its sad that some of are favorite maps (were the tough ones)
were not included. Hope the good ole editors get those maps and some good fun
maps of there own soon. What attracts me to battlefront series is the amount
of people that can play on just 1 match. 64 people is alot and every1 working
together to acheive a certain goal sounds fun. What I find lacking in bf series
is the vehicles. If they want these maps to be like those awesome looking
battle scenes we want more vehicles instead of the limited amount we get. I know
they probally wanted to limit them because if they didnt you would just see
people on vehicles all the time instead of the nice rifle and gunlike playing.
I do hope that they add vehicle like levels with plenty of them around in there
future titles. I may actually get both bf2 and academy actually but since I
dont got me own job I have to convince me parents to get em for me.

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