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"Dav!" Mayhem shrieked, jumping into view from the planter she had hidden behind. She ran up to the zombie, hitting it hard behind its head with her purse. It whirled around and she snapped a picture, the lfash sending it into a daze. Unsure of what to do next, she quickly ran into the nearest store and snatched a shoe. The zombie came back to it's senses and she flung the shoe as far as she could into the bookstore acorss from them She hit her mark and a mess of books came toppling down, sending the zombie (and a few others) to it's direction in hopes of food. Catchig her breath Mayhem prodded Dav with her shoe, "Get up..."

She whisked her head around and attempted to inform anyone within range, "Fortunately, all the zombies are coming in from the west side, if we can get to the elevators we can avoid being surrounded. There are nothing but clothing retailors on this level, but I think we can find alot more useful things on level2 and if we get there, 3."
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