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Hello Totenkopf,
This is a known issue. You can make it so that both you and HK47 have the same PC head or you can switch HK47 back to some other head and your PC's head should reappear. To be twins with HK47, read on.

Originally Posted by readme.txt
Symptom: You change appearance to look like one of your party NPCs and all is well
until you attempt to enter a new area with that NPC. Then the NPC loses its head!
Same holds true for the PC....
Originally Posted by readme.txt
Cause: SW:KotOR doesn't like two unique characters appearing together.

Fix: From T7Nowhere's post on Holowan Labs--
Originally Posted by T7Nowhere
I know how to fix the head problem, but it will take a bit of work.

The thing about it. Bioware set it up so that you can't encounter an npc with your
head, so in appearance.2da there is a normalhead and backup head columns.

SO in order for and npc not to loose there head that npc would need an backup head.

There is a way to remedy this and it is simple open up appearance.2da with KotorTool (if you have that file in override then open that appeance.2da) go to [the PC's appearance row] and scroll over until you see columns "normalhead" & "backuphead"
and simply type [the same number that's in the normalhead column] in the backuphead column save the file back to override. And now
you and [HK47] can be twins.

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