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Kids. Alixe Medcraft, a sergeant in the Republic, thought about them all the way from Polis Massa. Since she had witnessed the killing of the Jedi Younglings from the Coroscant temple's security cameras it was impossible to shift the thought from her mind. Alixe thought she had seen her share of the horrors of war, children died in conflict, killed in mishaps by the Republic, Jedi, Droid Armies and others. Seeing the Clone Troopers turn on the Jedi was a shock to her, yet she was able to put that aside until she could get the details. But whoever the sniper fought against there were limits in how insidious they would go, she thought, what evil they would commit. This however shattered those beliefs.
"Children," she mused, trying to raise someone from her stolen starfighter and picked up a message, coming from the Jedi Temple. It told of how the distress signal sent earlier was meant to lead the Jedi into a trap.
Why? Alixe had to wonder. Who would want to kill the Jedi? Coroscant would be coming up soon, if there indeed was a trap set for the Jedi there she needed to be focused for whatever awaited her once she entered the planet's atmosphere. Kids.
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