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A short boom vibrated through the air as a starfighter took off of Ord Mantell's surface.
"What the-?" Njan spoke silently in confusion. "Where do you think it is going?"
"Give aid to the others perhaps," I answered, not quite knowing the answer.

We had reached the summit of a ridge about two hundred metres from the camp. In the distance a crimson sea sparkled in the failing light. On it's shoreline a small community was situated.
"They will start to become suspicious of the air traffic," Njan stated.
"Indeed," I replied sounding not very interested. "You know this planet was a Republic military outpost, now it is just home to countless bounty hunters and criminals."
"Yes, I did actually.." Njan replied, seemingly offended.
"Come, let us return to camp and find out what is actually going on."

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