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I am a usual GC player, so are you talking about in skirmish or GC? I suspect Skirmish. Urai's secret is that he can block the lightsaber, A good idea then would be to decrease the blocking chances to even it out. Although we do all agree the ZC heroes are overpowered. Only thing is that I have beaten a ZC space station with just (one of the lower or higher level) a capital ship and maybe 2-4 fighter squadrons (they are mixed between fighters and bombers). Key thing is to take out the mass drivers first and then the hangar or do mass drivers, plasma cannon, hangar. As rebels you can counter the plasma cannon by simply using the "power to shields" ability. I seen the computer make it do no damage to them because of the ability. Well I am talking in GC because you cannot corrupt anything in skirmish (it is not an ability... I have not tried a land skirmish yet). In addition, before I started playing the expansion as the Imperials, I played the ZC and found the weaknesses and strengths of the whole faction. My GC Strategy is what I call "fronts" I make inner planets to only defend and use the outerplanets to expand (build in the inner planets if I need to)

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