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Darktrooper Phase 1 I like as is but I can see your point. Its the cheapest version and while terribly vulnerable to plex they are awesome against infantry, heroes and vehicles in melee. They do have to make it to melee and this can be a little tricky.
Phase 3s I find disappointing. I only use Phase 2s. They are awesome.

I dont bother using Juggers. If they were the proper version with 3 hvy blasters (1 more than an ATAT) and heavier armour then I would buy them. I will be modding them to the proper version when I mod this game after the patch comes out.

Interdictors = Ive whinged about this in the FOC patch thread.

TIE Scout and Phantom = agree 100%. I rarely use them. I said in my first post about FoC the Phantom is nothing more than a gimmick.

Nightsisters= they are good if you have some cannon fodder to absorb fire on the way in...once they get in close they are nasty.
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