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Just use my Camera Free Mod for EAW it works for FoC also. But a full one FoC due to the larger map area would be nice. It works well for slower computers so that th draw distance does not ruin your FPS (reason why camera is restricted in the first place).

It lets you turn the camera like in space and it will stay at your angle pitch and pull out distance. Plus the battle camera still works partially (only the single unit C does not stay put, it switches between whole battle like a movie). Better full version for FoC later...use same as the camera Debug Mode settings. You will need a fast computer to see that action on FoC bigger maps.

Once I figure out the bugged end event conditions on the GC maps (such as wiping out the Rebels and winning when you are suppossed to take out the Consortium Force also, as the Empire). It says you must remove both, not just one enemy the "Origin of Courruption" GC map. I rewrote the XML so it is in control of all named planets to win.

I fixed win condition well for the Empire on the Origin GC SP map. Now the rest that I know what I am you can put in different goals (such as in the Maw GC: Turn limit 60 and have certain planets' ownership). BTY You can have it if you lose your home planet, Main Hero, Superweapon, etc. Alot of modding stuff you can do here.

Each GC map and Faction have a different goal by vanilla (and it does not work) Thus they also have the Credits movie screen play when you win since the XML is all screwed up for some reason (one 'movie' for all placeholder). It does not know the proper movie to play. I fixed that too for the Empire so far.

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