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Originally Posted by YertyL
I'd find it cool if this was implemented in the game, making the TIE phantom able to shoot and cloak automatically right after that, making him a unique craft good for sneak attacks on enemy bombers (the time of cloaking should still be limited though)
Remember the Kushan cloaked fighters in the original Homeworld? They would do exactly that. If you had given them the order to cloak and then attack something, they would uncloak only long enough to fire a couple volleys at the target before the pilot would automatically re-engage his cloaking device. And as I recall, the cloak never timed out--it might've increased fuel consumption a bit, but it never just turned off. You could park a load of cloaked fighters somewhere in the map to make for a nice ambush, or sneak one in close to the enemy mothership to observe.

For all that, they were a pretty well-balanced unit, too. They didn't pack an enormous punch, so it wasn't really economical to make an Invisible Doomsday Fleet. They also weren't very maneuverable, and they fired pretty long-duration volleys from their cannons, so if there was a fast-reacting unit like a corvette around when they decloaked to fire, they could get shredded. They were great against less maneuverable enemies, though, and if you were careful about how you managed their cloak you could do some damage to the more versatile units, too. Maybe the TIE phantoms could fill that role, but it would be best if they re-cloaked automatically. I remember them doing that in Rebel Assault II.

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