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For those that ever read or were even interested in this, I decided to create an alternate ending that seems to fit well with the story. It begins just after Alpha is killed.

Tek had watched the whole thing from the edge of the forest, and began to cry when Alpha fell to the ground. He walked across the battlefield, and stood next to his corpse, just as Luke stared down at Alpha’s remains. Tek fell to his knees and knelt over the body. Tears fell from his face, as he yelled at Luke, “The evil of the Jedi still remains! Alpha shall never be forgotten. A Sith Lord was he, and a Sith Lord I too shall become.”
Luke felt the Force become a cloudy void, surrounding Tek as he stood up and stared darkly at his sister, who came walking up behind Luke.
"I would have never though that my brother would turn to the dark side. It will consume you, Tek, and you will become its slave."
“Ha! Who are you to judge the dark side? You have never felt its true power. Alpha had nearly mastered it. He could have saved himself if this pitiful Jedi hadn't defeated him with deceit. ”
Luke puffed heavy breath out of his nostrils. He spoke his final words to Tek. "I'm afraid I cannot save you by my own will. It's your choice, Tek. Come with us, for the sake of your sister."
"I have spoken. The Jedi will die within a century. If you wish to stop me, then draw your blade."
Luke and Chelya stood there, not moving. Tek snarled, then turned and began to walk towards the edge of the forest.
Chelya felt a sense of loyalty to the light, and drew her saber. She charged at Tek. Tek quickly drew his saber, and began to duel with his sister. Lightning fast movements, Chelya couldn't keep up.
Tek slashed at her ankle, digging the saber half way into her foot. She fell down to her knees, and Tek did a quick spin and jabbed his saber behind him, puncturing her chest. He didn't see his sister's death. He sheathed his saber and walked towards the forest once more.
A tear fell down Luke's face as he ran up and looked down over the body of his Padawan. Although he was dead, Alpha lived on in the blackened heart of young Tek. He then looked at the body of Alpha. A lump formed in his throat, unable to take in what he had just witnessed. He left his body there on the field.

Tek waited until nightfall, when everyone would be weeping over the deaths of padawans and soldiers alike. He silently flew his Lamba Class over to Alpha, and laid him down within the cargo hold. He would return to Mustafar, alone, and give him the sacred rituals. It wasn't over.

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