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Yay! I'm back lol. Another chapter finall finished Here it is!


Revan dived behind a huge boulder as several blaster shots were fired, one managing to sear his right shoulder as it flew past. He then sensed it, a sudden surge of extreme power, closing in on him this very instant. But just as quickly as he sensed it, it went away, hiding. Grunting, he ignited his lightsaber once more.

“Come out, Revan!” Yelled one of the soldiers pursuing him. “Our master would like a word with you,”

“Tell your ‘Master’, if he wants to talk to me, he can come himself. Not send his dogs to do his dirty work!” Revan yelled back.
He was replied with another volley of blaster shots, smiling Revan gathered the Force, and flung him over the rock and through the air, to where the lead soldier was standing.

“Hello there” Revan said smiling, as he struck the soldier down. The other soldiers dropped their blaster and took off for their lives.
“Hmmph … “ Revan said, “I was hoping for a good training session to keep the blood pumping”

“Jonas is sure making a name for himself,” said Revan as he gazed down at the limp body, of the soldier he just struck down.

“Oh ho! Well done, Revan!” said a voice behind Revan, “But I must say, if you didn’t know I was behind you, you must be loosing your touch,”

“So …” said Revan, as he turned around “It’s the mighty Jonas … if you possibly think that a couple of pathetically trained soldiers would overpower me, I would say that it was you, my ‘dear’ friend, who was loosing his touch”

“Oh, I knew that you would easily defeat them, but I must say,” said Jonas looking down at the body and the direction in which the other soldiers ran “I thought that they would a least put up a bit of fight. But no need to worry about that now, they will be punished soon enough”

Revan shook his head “Why Jonas, why?”

“Why what?” Jonas replied

“Why did you become what you are, today? A charity for pain and destruction, killing those who need not die” Revan looked into those twisted yellowish eyes “I pity you!”

“We shall see who will be needing to pity soon enough Revan” he waved his hand, and twenty more Sith Acolytes Forced jumped from behind the tree’s and landed to form a circle around Revan.

“Nice acrobatics you got going there, Jonas” said Revan, now realising what that sudden urge of power he sensed before was. Why didn’t he realise? Perhaps, he was loosing his touch? He shook his head, clearing away that thought and smiled “But do you really think, these can defeat me?”

“Oh, I don’t need you defeated,” said Jonas “I just need you alive. Attack!” he commanded and the Acolytes closed in on Revan

“OK” said Revan “Looks like, im going to get that training session, what I wanted after all”

* * *

“Hello Jolee” said Bastilla, as they were walking down the loading ramp of the Ebon Hawk “How did you know we were here?”

“Child, how do I walk around? How do I see? Answer all these questions and there’s nothing left to do,” replied the Jedi Master

“You sensed it was us, yep” said Bastilla smiling

“Yeah, yeah … you were always a bright one” sneered Jolee, “However, I did sense someone who I did not know” His eyes travelled to Nom “It is you then?”

“Yes” replied the young Padawan

“Yes? What kind of answer is that? Tell me your name boy, im an old Jedi, not a man of guess-work!”

Taken back, Nom told the old man his name. Bastilla smiled and said “Nom has some information you might be interested in, information about a certain someone”

“Oh ho! So the young man has met Revan has he?” said Jolee

“Yes, sir” said Nom. Then Nom proceeded to tell the story, for what seemed like the hundredth time. And when he was finished, Jolee clapped his hands and said “Very well. If you come with me, ill let you have a nights sleep at my hut if you want, then you can head back out tomorrow”

Bastilla looked shocked at this and said to Jolee “You are coming with us Jolee. Revan can’t fight this thing without us, you know this”

“Im not going!” he said stubbornly “Ive put away my fighting days, and it’s going to stay that way”

“We shall see,” said Bastilla “And if you are still offering, we will take that nights rest”

“Follow Me,” replied Jolee

After a late meal, Nom, Bastilla and Carth sat on the floor, whilst Jolee sat on his newly repaired chair, and his only one. Bastilla and Carth were telling Nom about the first time they had met Revan, and when Bastilla was telling Nom about the Swoop-Bike race, Carth interrupted and said “Don’t forget to tell the ‘full’ details now” He smiled and said to Nom “She gets a bit touchy, about the fact that we saved her”

Nom laughed but quickly stopped and looked at Bastilla, but continued laughing as he saw that she had a smile on her face as well. It was a small smile, but a smile nonetheless.

“Hmm,” she said “Well – “ But a blaster shot, which was fired right through Jolee’s window, interrupted her. Jolee was jerked back to consciousness, as he was near sleep, and said irritably “Every time I get comfortable!”

“What is it?” asked Nom, and Jolee replied with “How would I suppose to know? Probably just some punk kids or something”

Bastilla peeked through the window fast, “close enough, Jolee. Sith” she said

“Ahh … Cant they just get it through their head?” said Jolee

“Carth, pass me your blaster!” said Bastilla
Carth handed her his blaster and she snatched it off him “Your welcome” he said. Bastilla didn’t take any notice. “How many?” asked Nom.

Bastilla looked out the window again quickly, ducking her head back down avoiding several more blaster shots, she said “Five on the left, six on the right” She jumped up, and fired a rapid flurry of blaster shots out the window and dived back down. “ Three on the left, four on the right” she said

“Well before they destroy my house!” said Jolee, igniting his greenish lightsaber. He jumped out, and went through the window. Catching the soldiers by surprise, he cut two down before they even realised what was going on, but the five what were left quickly got over the sudden Jedi’s arrival and repeated firing.

“A little help would be nice!” yelled Jolee, and suddenly the soldiers were met be Carth Onasi firing away, and un-sheathing a Vibrosword from over his shoulder.

“Nom” said Bastilla, “Stay here, we can deal with these”

“But I want to help!” said Nom, frustrated

“Listen, you can’t do anything yet. When we get back to the ship, I will teach you how to control the force and build a lightsaber OK. Just stay here for the moment” Bastilla, ignited the to ends of her Saber-staff and followed in Jolee and Carth’s wake. Nom, feeling like unwanted baggage being thrown aside, looked out from the window. Watching the two Jedi and the Admiral of the Republic fight was amazing. And as soon as Nom had known, the fight was over, and puffing, the others returned back to Jolee’s house, but they decided to go through the front door, rather than jump through the window.

“Well” said Jolee “That was fun while it lasted”

“If you want fun,” said Bastilla “Come with us, Jolee. We will need your expertise along the way,”

“Yes” said Jolee “Im sure you would,”

Bastilla smiled, and said, “Well hurry up, old man! Get some stuff together, were going. You can sleep on the ship”

“I hate sleeping on that ship” muttered Jolee

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