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well thats exactly my point, but even so when you 'buy' a 'standard pc' it doesnt come with much of the typical hardware that most would consider naming a 'gaming pc/rig'

pretty much a standard pc would just include just enough to surf the internet and play a little bit of games, and more or less on a budget.
but of course as times change PC vendors have to sell their products with up-to-date processors, in reality you can do just fine on a typical 133 socket 7 pentium 1 with 64mb of EDO DIMM ram running either win95 or win98.

infact I at one time just for kicks ran a socket 5 p1 75mhz with 8mb of ONBOARD edo dimm and threw in a bunch off stuff in there (cus i could) and it ran lovely until spyware mangled it up and i couldnt do much with it ^_^

but in the end no one wants that, ppl want power when they buy pc's too, so in order to keep the consumer buying while keeping costs low, (going back to what i mentioned before) a 'standard pc' would now includes just enough to 'get by' with out needing to buy the extra hardware (which in the end would have to be compatible with that vandor's hardware).
IE instead of dell selling pentium 4E(whatever) mechine with two ATI x1600GT PCI-E 16x on SLI/Crossfire and 2gb of DDR533, they come out with a celeron d or whatever with 512mb of ddr333 or ddr400 and a intel 9XX series onboard with shared video ram.
i see it all the time

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