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Proposal :
Heres a neat idea. Bring the Nebs and Acclams and corvs down to level 1 to really give tier 1 some substance.

Reasoning: In any rts there are three stages of play.

- the expansion stage

- Mid game battle

- Late game victory/defeat

At the moment the expansion stage consists only of fighters and makes this stage very weak . Once at tier2 things get more fun because of the nebs acclams and corvs but at this stage the expansion stage has already finished and the we are on to the mid game.

My proposal is to make the expansion stage more interesting by allowing players to use acclams and nebulons as part of their Expansion Strategy rather then just the fighters and bombers.

This is my opinion is good because That will make Victory cruisers and mk assault frigates useful for the mid game battle and heroes , with late game being the isds and moncals if it reaches that stage.

ps- because acclams and nebs are brought in with corvs you have to make corvs about 1600 creds and tarts only 1300 to justify the neb easy counter to tartans.
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