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"Good, point, escalators then," Mayhem corrected herself. She took sight of the nearest escalotors and dragged Jimmy along, "You have the honor of being my human meat shield" She shrieked and cowered with arms over her head at the sound of gunshots. It was Davinq, Zel and Halo. In her efforts to rescue Dav and salvage a slice of pizza, they had managed to get to the second story, leaving her to lag behind a few seconds worth.

'There's a gun store? Then again, this place IS builts over the gates of Hell...' Mayhem thought to herself. "Kay, we grab some guns then we make a run for it!" she shouted as loud as she could. And then the miracle of speed occured once more, and she mad a mad dash to the top of the escalators (with poor, bedraggled Jimmy in tow) and reached her friends. She panted for breath, noting the zombies and infected (thus delusional) shoppers clambering up the escalator steps. "Hand me a gun!" She pleaded ...
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